Cat Entertainment Services' Commitment to the Broadcasting Industry

September 07, 2010 06:20
Cat Entertainment Services committed to the Broadcast industry

Cat Entertainment Services Is Always One Step Ahead of the Competition  

Throughout 2010, Cat® Entertainment Services (CES) has been working closely with customers and Daytona 500 BroadcastingCaterpillar® to provide equipment and technical services at the highest standard possible.

"When it comes to remote broadcasting, our objectives are twofold," explained Junior Martin, a broadcast specialist for the company. "To provide reliable redundant power using Caterpillar products and CES technology, and to invest in people and product support that meet or exceed the critical requirements of our customers."

In conjunction with Cat, Entertainment Services this year has made significant investment in new products that not only meet current emissions requirements, but also will comply with EPA regulations for years to come. In alignment with Caterpillar’s environmental philosophy, CES takes a market-based approach, focusing on aggressive development of current and future clean technologies that reduce emissions and sustain the environment.

With respect to power quality, CES has modified existing products and is committed to implementing new products with power data devices that will:

  • Record generator output data every second during an entire event

  • Provide a trend pattern onsite as the customer requires

  • Save and archive the data for future reference

Whether supporting collegiate athletics or professional sports, CES continues to supply reliable, quality power to broadcast customers in TV compounds around the globe. In addition, their power and temperature control are in use for feature filming, music festivals and concert tours, wherever needed.


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