Cat Entertainment Services Powers Up Tribute in Light

September 11, 2014 15:29

"When it gets dark, New York City turns on 88 7,000-watt xenon light bulbs to produce two powerful beams that shoot up, side by side, to remind us that once upon a time, two towers stood here, and then didn't, and this is how we remember the day they came down — by looking up," NPR.

Steve Jackson, Northeast Regional Manager, AVP, reports that Cat Entertainment Services has supported the Tribute in Light for the past seven years by providing (2) 1000 kW power Modules paralleled and running on Biodiesel, all temporary power distribution and (8) 300 kva Transformers for the 616,000 watts of special lighting.

Cat Entertainment Services is honored to play a role in honoring and remembering the victims of 9/11. We will never forget.

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