Cat Entertainment Services to Host Global Conference for Event Industry Experts

February 22, 2016 15:41


Ring Power Executive Vice President of Sales Kevin Robbins has announced that Cat® Entertainment Services, a division of Ring Power Corporation, will host the second annual conference of AGES, the Association of Global Event Suppliers, on Monday, February 29 and Tuesday, March 1, at Ring Power headquarters in St. Augustine, Fla.

Industry representatives from event supplier companies and organizations around the world will convene in St. Augustine for two days of meetings, panel discussions and workgroup sessions. The topics will focus on promoting better understanding of the products and services required to ensure quality and reliability for temporary infrastructure at large-scale, international events. Issues such as environmental impact, public health and safety, and best business practices will also be addressed.

Keynote speakers at the conference include world-renowned sport and special event experts who have worked on some of the world’s largest and most prestigious events, such as Olympic Games, World Cup and performing artists’ world tours.

About AGES

The Association of Global Event Suppliers, based in Bern, Switzerland, is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to uphold standards for quality and reliability in temporary infrastructure (overlay) installation for major sport and special events. AGES members represent companies from more than 50 countries in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia, together providing services and infrastructure worth more than US $1.15 billion (EU €1 billion) annually. For more information, visit

About Cat Entertainment Services

CatEntertainment Services, a division of Ring Power Corporation, is a worldwide provider of temporary power generation and temperature control equipment and technical services to the entertainment industry for corporate and sport events, concert tours, festivals, broadcasting, on-location filming and other remote and/or short-term applications. For more information, visit

About Ring Power Corporation

Ring Power Corporation, North and Central Florida’s Cat® dealer, is headquartered in St. Augustine, Fla. Ring Power is comprised of eight divisions and has more than 50 years of experience servicing and supporting Cat® products and allied equipment. For more information, visit

The momentum of the global event supplier industry

March 27, 2015 08:46

Executives of global event suppliers worldwide came together in Derbyshire (UK) to hold the first Conference and General Assembly of the Association of Global Event Suppliers (AGES). Governmental bodies such as the IOC and experts speaking at the first AGES Conference confirmed the right timing and expressed their full support to the initiative of this growing industry.

The industry gathering 

For the first time members, associate members and experts came together in Derbyshire (UK), March 2 and 3 to discuss about the challenges and opportunities for temporary infrastructures and demountable venues for large events. The event was organized by the Association of Global Event Suppliers and hosted by Eve Trakway.

The momentum

Martin Kallen, Director of UEFA Operations Division & EURO 2016 SAS CEO, who was speaking about the business opportunities for the coming UEFA EURO 2016 event in France reinforced the importance of temporary infrastructure for the operation of large events. The demand of such venue infrastructure for media, security, logistics, hospitality and fan zones is increasing from event to event. Kallen explained that the suppliers need to fulfil high selection criteria’s. Quality, reliability and the innovation capacity are key, he said.

Also, Xavier Becker, Head of Venues, Infrastructure & Services at the IOC made an outlook for the industry based on the recently adopted Olympic Agenda 2020. He expressed the full support to the industry and explained that the IOC wants to actively promote the use of existing and temporary infrastructure to contribute to more sustainable and cost effective solutions. Furthermore the IOC wishes to develop the awareness regarding temporary infrastructure and to promote an earlier engagement with the suppliers market. On the other hand, Becker wishes the industry to develop innovative solutions, also thinking about new reusable large facilities to provide more flexibility for organizers.

Active promotion and education

Daniel Cordey, chairman, wants AGES to become the platform for the industry and establish both a framework and forums to become an integrated part of the delivery solution for all key stake holders. AGES will approach governmental bodies and organizers who are challenged to find appropriate solutions to explain the huge possibilities of the industry and to help develop true legacy plans for their events.

Growing Membership

Founded by 18 members in June 2014, the Association of Global Event Suppliers has almost doubled in size. Guy Lodge, an honorary member of AGES who has been involved in three major events in Russia, Scotland and Brazil states: “Looking down the growing list of members it is very encouraging to see the incredible level of event expertise assembled around one table. It drives home the challenges that the industry faces, around budget pressures, varying procurement practices and regulatory compliance”.

About AGES

The Association of Global Event Suppliers (AGES) is a none-for-profit-making organization based in Switzerland which has been formed to become the label for quality and reliability for temporary infrastructure works for major events.

The members are market leaders of the international event suppliers industry and front runners in the development of new products and services. Together they annually deliver services and works for close to 1.5 Billion EUR.

AGES wants to address the capabilities of the industry to governmental bodies, key stakeholders and organizers of large sports events and to develop together suitable standards and procedures to facilitate interaction and to obtain cost-effective infrastructure solutions for future events.

For more information, please visit or contact Daniel Cordey, Chairman of AGES at or by telephone +41 79 407 06 06.

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