CAT Entertainment Services Attends Concert Touring Event

June 17, 2011 04:32

Mitch Margolin Represents CAT Entertainment Services at Tour Link 2011

This January, CAT Entertainment Servicesâ Senior Account Manager Mitch Margolin had the distinct honor to take part in a panel discussion at Tour Link 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tour Link is an annual conference of approximately 500 event production professionals (most attendees prefer "roadie") responsible for staging live concert tours across the world. Participants spent three days at the event, learning, networking and meeting some of the industry legends in their highly specialized, event production world.

This year the annual conference featured 14 panel sessions led by industry experts, hand-picked to exchange dialogue with the audience and offer the benefit of their wisdom and experience. Mitch Margolin, CAT Entertainment Services’ very own concert tour pro, sat on the "Festival Challenges" panel. Margolin joined what the February issue of Mobile Production Monthly called "a wide representation of festival experts". Margolin’s panel included the tour manager for Phish, the president of Brown United Staging, the production manager for the Coachella festival and the owner of Rat Sound in a discussion about managing festival logistics.

Organized by Tour Guide Publications, Tour Link is considered the premier gathering of the live event production industry, so it is quite an honor to be invited to take part. Mitch really did us all proud!

Cat Entertainment Services is a worldwide provider of temporary power generation, distribution and temperature control equipment for the entertainment industry with headquarters in St. Augustine, Fla., and branch locations in Orlando and Tampa; Dallas, Texas; Los Angeles, Calif.; New England and New York. We welcome your comments about this article. Click on the title to leave a suggestion or contact us for more information.

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