Cat Entertainment Services supplies temporary power for NBA All-Star Game

February 21, 2013 09:45

The power metering system of Turner Studios’ TS2.

One of the first tech support teams to arrive and one of the last to leave, Cat® Entertainment Services helped tip off the NBA All-Star Game this February for the thirteenth consecutive year.

Working behind the scenes at the Toyota Center in Houston, CES supplied the 2,500 kilowatts of technical power required to run the television complex consisting of 13 mobile units, including Turner Studios’ new, 53-foot TS2 production truck, three uplinks, nine office trailers and a host of other facilities such as dressing rooms and even a COW (Cellular on Wheels) facility to enhance wireless connectivity.

Cat Entertainment Services’ generators outside the Toyota Center.

CES also powered four mobile units and three uplinks at the George R. Brown Convention Center throughout the 62nd annual All-Star event to ensure that the star-studded pre-game parties, shows and celebrity games were a success.

It's not until after the mobile units are well on their way to their next assignment and the office trailers are vacant that CES can pick up their power distribution and miles of cable and move onto their next assignment.

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