CAT Entertainment Services Powers MLB All-Star Broadcast

July 21, 2015 11:06

The best players in Major League Baseball took to the field last week for the 86th annual MLB All-Star Game at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. CAT Entertainment Services was the sole power provider for broadcasters at the MLB All-Star compound.

Two CAT ES 800-kW generators powered the MLB Network and office-trailer area (along with 200-, 150-, and 350 kW generators at the catering tent across Second St. E). Twin 400-kW generators powered ESPN’s operation along the riverfront, and additional dual 400-kW generators handled MLB Network’s red-carpet show near Joe Nuxhall Way. The spread-out nature of the compound made this year’s MLB All-Star a unique show for CAT ES.

“It’s different every year, depending on the location and the setup,” says Jeff Macdougall, project manager, CAT Entertainment Services. “[In 2012], Kansas City was one big compound, so we had just two bigger units paralleled. We didn’t have to spread out our generators as much because everything was nice and tight. In a lot of years like that, when it’s just so hot, we will put 20-ton air-conditioners in front of the TV trucks to cool them down a little. But it hasn’t been too bad here, so that [wasn’t required]. It’s definitely a very big one for us though.”


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